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Saskia Hosein

Trinidad & Tobago

Miss Caribbean US 2016

Full  Name:      Saskia Safiyyah Hosein
Age:  20 years old
Hometown:    Staten Island, New York
Island Representing:  Trinidad & Tobago
What is the best complement you have ever received?
I can’t trace this back to one instance because it has happened several times, but whenever somebody compares me to my mom. That's the best compliment to me because she's such a strong, independent woman.
Please list your biggest accomplishments:
Getting accepted to multiple colleges for their nursing programs, becoming president of Caribbean Culture Club in high school, becoming President of Model United Nations at Saint Francis College as a junior.
Name an unexpected moment that happened in your life that changed your life? (Please explain):
In 2009, my little sister Alexandria was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at 2 years old. That incident made me want to become a nurse. It also made me realize that diabetes is a life long disease, however technology and advancement has made it treatable so that those affected can live an almost normal life.
What is the best advice you ever received?
I am an optimistic person and I like to look at life in a positive way. Recently, my mother changed the concept of the glass being half full/empty. Instead, she says the glass is always full; half liquid and half air.
What makes you special and unique?
I am made in God’s image, that alone makes me unique and special. I trust God that whatever happens in my life does so for a reason.
What is your platform (Organization/Cause you’re passionate about)?
I am passionate about Type I diabetes because its existence is something close to my heart. My platform is to raise awareness of the disease and to encourage funding for research and development.
What can’t you live without?
My family, especially spending time with my brother and sister. They are both younger than me but I feel like I’m always learning something new from them and as much as I want to be a role model to them, sometimes they are the ones I look up to.
If you were given the opportunity to meet with the first lady of the United States Michelle Obama what will be your first question to her?
I would like to ask her how she handles criticism. As the first lady, she is constantly in the public eye and she is a representation of the President and his beliefs. She always carries herself with poise and grace despite negativity and it would be eye-opening to learn how she copes with that.
What are your career goals?
I aspire to be a Registered Nurse at the age of 22. After attaining my Bachelor’s Degree, I want to continue my education and become a nurse practitioner specializing in endocrinology.
If you were granted three (3) wishes what would they be?
My first wish would be to rid the world of disease. If we could cure all ailments we would have longer life spans, as well as lead a more fulfilling life. When I think about how much pain an individual and their loved ones suffer, it breaks my heart. I wish we could prevent that from happening to another soul. I would love to see sickness removed from our world.
My second wish would be to get rid of world hunger. Living in New York, I have seen it all. Every single day I see people suffering, on the verge of dying from starvation. The right to food and water should be an unalienable right.
My last wish would be for happiness and contentment for all to live an abundant and productive life.
What has been your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement is becoming a contestant in this pageant. It is with God’s grace that I am able to do this. I am proud to be representing my country and will be the best ambassador that I can be. I am also very proud of my past, present, my happiness, my sacrifices, my mistakes and my good will towards others.
What’s the one word that best describes you?
SASSY- Not only is it my nickname, but I embody what the word means. I am not afraid to speak my mind and I am confident and daring.
Who is the most influential person in your life? And why?
My mother is the most influential person in my life. Growing up, she played the role of both my mother and father. She is strong willed, kind, compassionate, and loving. Even as I become a young woman, she will always be my mom. She is a blessing to me.
 As Miss Caribbean US what advice would you give to other young women who are thinking of entering a beauty pageant?
My advice would be to dream big; a beauty pageant showcases your inner and outer beauty. You should also be prepared to learn and to teach because when you participate it helps you to express yourself and to be able to function as a role model in society.
Lately we have been hearing different opinions about equal pay for women in the work place. As Miss Caribbean US 2016. Do you believe a woman should be given equal pay as their male counterpart for doing the same task?
Definitely, yes! I believe the quality of the work should speak for itself. It has been proven time and time again that women often perform better than their male counterparts.
As an ambassador of the Caribbean, what would you say to any head of state to encourage them to invest in the young people of the world?
The more educated young people are, the more choices they have and the more successful they become. Education takes different forms and each country, island and continent has different ideas that will work for them. I would ask the head of state to allow young people a forum to speak because it will help to determine what form of education works for them to make a successful society and nation.
In your spare time what do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy going to the gym, spending time with my family and my boyfriend, exploring new places, eating new foods, and working on bettering myself.
As Miss Caribbean US you have been given the opportunity to travel to any country in the world. Where will that be and why?
I would like to travel to Russia. My boyfriend was born there and I would like to learn more about the culture. Being from the complete opposite side of the world, it would be interesting to see how people live over there. Immersing myself in other cultures is something I really enjoy doing. We traveled to Trinidad earlier this year and I introduced him to my entire extended family. I would like to do the same with his family too.


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